Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Waterlily Handbag Part two

Collecting the materials together

Firstly I made a full size paper pattern of my bag and worked out the shapes of the leaves and flower, then made patterns for the leaves and flowers ( I use recyled shopping bags for this).

I then chose the materials I wanted to use 

Dark green cotton for the bag and patterned cotton for the lining

I am using hand painted silk for the leaves

 White silk for the flower
I ironed the silk for the flower onto light weight interfacing, and cut out the shapes.

I am not sure which of these I shall use for the stamens...perhaps both!

This is gold satin cord

or perhaps the more lemony silk cord ?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Lattice Handbag

I have just added my latest handbag to my Etsy shop

Sturdy handbag made from durable cotton materials. The bag is made from red damask furnishing fabric and is decorated with an overlay of strips of black and white mattress ticking woven into a lattice pattern. Diamonds on each side complete the effect
The bag is lined with red and white patterned cotton and  is closed with a plated silk loop and red button.
 Inside the bag there are ample pockets each side, one for your purse and the other for your mobile and a pen. Also a dog clip to keep your keys safe and to hand.
.... and still some room to put odd shopping, a book,  lunch or a scarf.
Two handles complete the bag.

Made in Ireland ....  shipped from Ireland

Approximate Measurements for this bag
Wide 14 inches (37 cms)
Tall 14 inches (37cms.)
Handles 11 inches (28 cms.)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My latest Handbag Idea... Waterlilies

Waterlily Handbag

Waterlilies in Spain
My source material, not sure yet whether I will make a pink or white flower, or use matt or shiny fabrics. I want the leaves to overlap the bag shape and the flower 3D  if I can find a satisfactory way to make it!

Rough sketch for applique on bag
So now to find some material and make the pattern for the bag shape, then draw out the shapes for the applique.

Watch this space!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Spelt Apple and Pineapple Charlotte

Another Spelt Recipe
Apple and Pineapple Charlotte

Ready for cooking

About five slices homemade spelt bread made into crumbs.
3 large cooking apples, peeled, cored, sliced and cooked till soft with ginger or cinnamon.
Large tin of pinepple in juice, cut into cubes
3 - 4 tablesp. Soft brown sugar, extra if you wish to sweeten the fruit.
Tablesp.  olive oil
3 oz. butter
Melt the butter with the oil and add the sugar then the bread crumbs, stir over a low heat until crumbs are well coated. You might need to add more butter and oil if the crumbs are not coated.
In a dish, a high sided one is best, place a layer of the crumbs, then a layer of apples, another layer of crumbs, then a layer of pineapple with the juice, if you have a sweet tooth you can sprinkle over some sugar. Repeat this again. Then top off with a generous layer of crumbs, dot with extra butter and bake at 160 degrees for 1/2 - 3/4 hour until brown and crisp.
Serve hot or cold, (if you can wait that long), with a large spoonful of greek yoghurt.
You can of course use other fruit, different spices, use golden syrup or honey, add nuts or sultanas or dates, have fun, be inventive!

Ready to eat!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Garden News for May

Already into June! I have been back from Spain a week.In the two weeks I was away my garden had turned into a jungle of greenery! I am just beging to get it tamed.
Today I sowed more seeds both  in the greenhouse  and outside.
The seeds I sowed at begining of May to replace the plants that were killed by the frost were ready to plant now I have all my runner and French  beans, peas and courgettes looking more frosts please!

Runner beans


 I also planted out Squash and Vegetable Spaghetti.

Courgettes, squash and vegetable spaghetti


Tomorrow I have all the broccoli, sprouts and kale to plant out.

Broccoli and kale

 And a few more seeds to sow, then its just the leeks to put out, they are not quite big enough yet ... and then I should be able to get on with the flower borders.

While I was away my beautiful double red hawthorn came into flower.

Double red hawthorne
In the green house the tomatoes and cucumbers are doing are the weeds!

......and the first strawberries!

And more outside......

Broad beans at last fattening up!
Globe artichokes     
and herbs

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Corsets, Cod pieces and Crinolines...Is it comfortable to be in Fashion?

Corsets, Cod pieces and Crinolines....Part One

Is it comfortable to be in Fashion?

In the natural world many species alter their appearance by changing their skin colour or by arraying their fur or plumage in a different manner during the breeding season specifically to attract a mate. This is particularly noticeable where there is competition from others and is more often performed by males than females.

Male Peacock

Female Peahen

There seems to be a parallel in the human world in both sexes using fashion as a medium of attraction. As there is no breeding season humans are continually changing their appearance sometimes creating bizarre fashions and enduring discomfort and life threatening body shapers in order to fulfil this need.

Victorian Corset

Lacing a Dandy 1819

In the historical context it was most noticible in the aristocratic and weathly circles where perhaps finding a suitable mate was more difficult, and where the cost of this activity was more acceptable.
There also seemed to be a need to be recorded in your finery for posterity or perhaps for your image to reach a wider audience, to this end portraits were commissioned and painters were valued very highly if they could capture the likeness in a manner that pleased both the patron and the sitter.

Queen Elizabeth 1
Even after the discovery of photography having your portrait painted was much more desirable and more enduring , and perhaps, in some cases more flattering!

Look out for Part 2