Sunday, 1 July 2012

Garden News for June

In my Garden...June

Well I don't know about flaming June, I have had my thermals and fleeces within easy reach for most of it ...never mind wellies and waterproofs!
But the garden still needs attention whatever the weather. With all the wet most plants have grown very quickly but without the sun and insects I'm not so sure that the plants that rely on these for pollination etc. will do so well... we shall see!
Broad beans have done well and I am eating them already

There are a few peas appearing and they are lovely raw in Salads

The runner beans are flowering, but no signs of beans yet

In this jungle are courgettes, squash and vegetable spaghetti, I shall have to wait for some fruit before I can tell which is which!  And there are going to be plenty of male flowers which I can fill with feta cheese and deep fry.  mmmmm!

The brassicas have got over the shock of being transplanted and are doing are the weeds!

Apples and Raspberries are just starting to get going

Just a few flowers and shrubs to end with...and are such a joy to behold!

Thats all for now...Happy Gardening!