Monday, 4 June 2012

Garden News for May

Already into June! I have been back from Spain a week.In the two weeks I was away my garden had turned into a jungle of greenery! I am just beging to get it tamed.
Today I sowed more seeds both  in the greenhouse  and outside.
The seeds I sowed at begining of May to replace the plants that were killed by the frost were ready to plant now I have all my runner and French  beans, peas and courgettes looking more frosts please!

Runner beans


 I also planted out Squash and Vegetable Spaghetti.

Courgettes, squash and vegetable spaghetti


Tomorrow I have all the broccoli, sprouts and kale to plant out.

Broccoli and kale

 And a few more seeds to sow, then its just the leeks to put out, they are not quite big enough yet ... and then I should be able to get on with the flower borders.

While I was away my beautiful double red hawthorn came into flower.

Double red hawthorne
In the green house the tomatoes and cucumbers are doing are the weeds!

......and the first strawberries!

And more outside......

Broad beans at last fattening up!
Globe artichokes     
and herbs