Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ideas for jewellery from nature

Some close ups I took while in Spain.

So many beautiful colours and textures just asking to be used for jewellery

I hope soon to be making copper enamelled jewellery, some of these patterns are just asking to be used!

Mother Nature always provides inspiration !

Friday, 18 May 2012

More Pictures from the Eagle sanctuary in Germany

As promised more photos from this amazing sanctuary in Detmold Germany

The sanctuary was founded in 1939 by Kati and Adolf Deppe.

In the fifties, the sanctuary became well known through its involvement in films like "The Snake Pit and the Pendulum and the "Valley of the Eagles".

In the early 70’s the Deppe’s retired and gave over the running of the sanctuary to the city of Detmold. 

 A departure grandstand was built to make the free-flying birds of prey even more attractive

 The first steppe eagle offspring was hatched in1978. With their regular-bred owls it is thanks to the eagle sanctuary, that this bird is native in the Teutoburg forest again.

A new large aviary complex was added in1982.

You can find all the info here, but it is in German!

Summer Jewellery

Get Ready for the Summer with these Acid Stripes Bracelet and Earrings
in my Etsy Shop

Acid Stripes Bracelet

 Great summery colours, turquoise, lime and sunny yellow stripes.

Fresh colours, bold stripes. I teamed these yellow turquoise and lime acrylic beads with small wood beads in similar colours. I put sets of three beads onto silver plated wire and joined each set with a silver ring. I fastened the bracelet with a silver plated toggle and attached a chain ending in three wood beads to add an element of fun.

Length 22.5 cms. 9 inches

Acid Stripes Earrings

 I used three striped acrylic beads and threaded each one onto a silver plated wire. I top and tailed each one with a wood bead picking out the colours of the stripes. I joined the three dangles together with silver rings and finished the earrings with silver plated ear wires.

Length from hook 4cms 1.50 inches

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Beaded Glitter Earrings in my Fondelifair Shop

Beaded Glitter Earrings

Gorgeous Calika beads decorated with tiny gold balls and flowers are the feature of these earrings.
I threaded the Calika bead onto gold plated wire and placed a gold filigree bead cap either side of it. I added a gold and a pale yellow glass pearl and a shiny gold metal bead.  I put a second gold bead between the top bead cap and the gold plated ear wire, to complete the earring.
 Length from hook  3.5 cms  1.50 inches

Calika Beads
These Calika beads are handmade in India, by craftsmen working in a cottage industry set-up. The raw materials and supplies needed to produce them are regularly checked for quality assurance and provided to just 9 artisans, all working from home. These artists have learned their skills from family members who have been creating such products for generations. By purchasing these beads, these artists are offered an opportunity to sell their work, thereby providing them with a better standard of living.
Each individual bead is unique!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Etsy Shop

See these earrings in my Etsy Shop

Sea Treasures Earrings

And this pretty Companion Necklace

Sea Treasures Necklace

Treat yourself, just right to take on your summer holidays!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Garden News

Frost damage
We had a 'white out' last night my poor plants didn't like it at all!

The runner beans are not going to recover, I have had to sow another lot in the green house.....

...and the french beans too!
The courgettes are looking sad..... luckily I only put two plants outside.
... and I think the artichokes will survive.
I just hope we don't get another one, May frosts seem to do the most damage.