Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Garden News

A good day to sow my seeds for the garden

Already the broad beans, artichokes and tomato seeds I sowed a few weeks ago are making good progress, and providing the weather and creepy crawlies don't attack them, they should be ready to plant out soon.

According to the moon's journey, today is good for sowing seeds,as she is waxing,and this is the best time to sow for strong heathly plants.This and much, much more information comes from my favorite gardening book, Organic Gardening by Charles Dowding

This year I am going to start off most of my seeds in my unheated greenhouse, the weather is so quirkey, that this gives them a better chance to succeed.

                               'Some pots I prepared earlier'

                                    ........and my seeds

                                    .......and all sown!

Now I am off to Germany for two weeks, so I will be blogging from there.
More about my garden when I return.