Thursday, 12 January 2012

Gardening has started again!

I have recently bought an amazing gardening book, Organic Gardening the natural no – dig way by Charles Dowding.
As the weather was dry I immediately wanted to get started. But of course that illusive mound of  ‘well rotted’ compost that is always mentioned in all gardening books, was still just a heap of last year’s cow s....t.!
Any way I decided to go ahead and experiment ... nothing really to loose.

So I weeded thoroughly a strip of ground disturbing the soil as little as possible, then laid on the ‘not so well’ rotted manure and added a dusting of grass cuttings.

I then covered it all with some black plastic and  dug it in around the edges and put stones along the free edge.
I also put a line of card board as a path and covered that as well. 

Cardboard laid down for path space.
Manure laid on top of ground
Black plastic weighted down with stones

Woozle helping out as usual!
Digging in the edges of the plastic 

I am going to leave it for at least 4 months and then see what has happened.
 So watch this space in June for the results.