Monday, 30 January 2012

My new Treasury for Etsy 'The Blues'


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Jewellery for Valentines Gifts

All these pieces will be available soon in Fondelifair's shop in Ennistymon Co Clare Ireland

Home made Spelt Bread

My Spelt Bread
For one loaf
21.5 cms X 11 cms bread tin
You will need
100 grams fine semolina flour
200 grams White Spelt flour
200 grams Wholemeal Spelt flour
5.0 ml sugar or honey
5.0 ml salt or to taste
2 packets x 7 grams fast action dried yeast
Seeds, nuts, dried fruit, etc. etc.       Experiment!       
15 ml olive oil or more if wished
½ litre warm water
Mix all together in a large bowl then knead lightly, only till mixed into a pliable dough.
Put into tin, you can, if you wish, make three holes in the top and add more oil.
Leave to rise in a warm place for ½ hour and once it has started rising put into a cold oven set to
190 ° C, the rest of the rising occurs as the oven heats up. Cook for 50 mins.
 Or Leave to rise for at least an hour, heat the oven to 190°C and bake for approx. 30 mins. Turn out onto rack to cool.

Seeds for my garden

My seeds have arrived for my garden. I buy most of them from  Organic Gardening Catalogue   
               Very easy to do on line  and a very large selection.
I  am going to start most of them off in the green house, hopefully this will produce strong pest free plants. 
                                   I will blog the results!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Gardening has started again!

I have recently bought an amazing gardening book, Organic Gardening the natural no – dig way by Charles Dowding.
As the weather was dry I immediately wanted to get started. But of course that illusive mound of  ‘well rotted’ compost that is always mentioned in all gardening books, was still just a heap of last year’s cow s....t.!
Any way I decided to go ahead and experiment ... nothing really to loose.

So I weeded thoroughly a strip of ground disturbing the soil as little as possible, then laid on the ‘not so well’ rotted manure and added a dusting of grass cuttings.

I then covered it all with some black plastic and  dug it in around the edges and put stones along the free edge.
I also put a line of card board as a path and covered that as well. 

Cardboard laid down for path space.
Manure laid on top of ground
Black plastic weighted down with stones

Woozle helping out as usual!
Digging in the edges of the plastic 

I am going to leave it for at least 4 months and then see what has happened.
 So watch this space in June for the results.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Simon the travelling Gecko

I had Simon as a house guest over Christmas, what fun we had, he is always getting into mischief, but always has a happy face, so he gets away with it!

Simon exploring the Christmas decorations

He found a safe place to sleep and read away from my four cats         
Whoops! perhaps not such a good idea, but it does look very cosy.
 If you would like to know all about Simon and follow him as he travels around Ireland (and further afield) to visit all his friends on the Etsy Crafty Ireland Team  CLICK HERE